Test Of Strength

Messed up thoughts. Sorry, I just want to let these out. I am just in the mood to scribble words and not really to write something worth reading.

The balance of the Yin and Yang

Lately, you told me we are a tag team. But this was my secret – I felt that we were this for a time. We were a balance of the yin and yang until one day, you chose to walk away.

These past few days of not talking to you is heart breaking.

People see me as a strong person, when in fact, I hide my deep emotions, I try so hard to look and be fine without you. As I know you are doing just fine without me. Questions like, how could throw everything away in an instant are still confusing me. How do you do it?

Day by day, I try to balance everything – family, work, friends and life. Balancing it has never been this hard. Every time, I have a good or bad news, I always think of you. I think of sharing it to you – as what we have always done before all these pain started. Every time I wake up, I always check my heart if it is still in a good condition. I talk to myself and try so hard to forget of letting you know that I am already awake and tell you I love you.

I never thought you’d not keep your promise. I thought you’d prove me wrong, but you proved me right. And that’s not a good idea.

I think, my head is doing a good job in reminding me that our love story has already ended. My mind keeps on telling me that you have chosen to break my heart. But my heart is still struggling to obey what my mind is telling me. My heart still wants to see you, hug you and be with you. I know we’ll never be the same again; I just hope and wish that we can be as how we started – normal persons who would communicate with each other.

Again, I still miss you. But this has to stop. And you, not talking to me is your way of helping me get over you. Thank you, for letting me be in this situation again. Thank you.


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