She broke my heart, but I miss her

My Joy.

My Jxxxxx

My Jxx xx xxx xxxxx

I miss the forehead I kiss before I sleep. The same forehead that easily gets hot but cools down with a simple tiny little kiss. I miss those little eyes so inlove with me. I miss her pointed nose that I love to play. I miss her cheeks that I love to pinch. Those cheeks that I kiss after a massive force for being so cute. I miss her lips that I  kiss after a fight, sweet surprise, or sometimes even after a tiring day. I miss her face.

I miss our tight hugs. The same brisk arms that hug me through a long cold night. Those hugs that I need now. The hug that no one can replace. The hug that I’d always want and I always crave for. The tight hug that know wouldn’t happen again.

I miss our crazy talks. Our crazy gestures and crazy nothings. It was crazy but when I reminisce them, I find them sweet. I miss our dance crazes. I miss our silly walks. I miss her presence and I miss the way we used to be


Couple of days without communication with her already feels like a month. How long can I take? How long will my pain be? Until when will I feel this pain of missing her? Of wanting to be with her?

I just hope that one day, when I think of her and stumble on to this, I’d smile and just miss her but not a single pain will be felt. I still hope that the damages done will be restored and be a lesson learned.