No Regrets, Just LOVE.

The process was surprising. It was faster than I thought it would be. Yes, I still miss you sometimes, but everytime I do, I am reminded of your lies and dishonesty.

Letting go was not easy but I had to. It was a decision for myself to be happy again. Now I realized that I only miss the way it used to be but have accepted the fact that things will never be the same again.

Happiness is what I long for after our break up. There I learned that if I allow myself to let go of the hurts and accept the truth, better things are coming.

My road to finding a new love and getting myself intact again was pretty easy with friends and family. The trail my friends and I took led me to the reason of my fast recovery, I guess. It led me to someone that makes me smile now. It led me to someone who I think before I sleep and the moment I wake up. He is now the reason why I smile with just the thought of seeing him. The reason of my happiness after a storm as what others would say. 

He makes me laugh so hard with even a simple joke. He made me feel secure with a simple gesture and he makes me happy without trying.

But no, aren’t dating – not yet. HAHA! How I wish we would. He’s single after all. Meeting his parents and sister and cousin was one of my uneasy days. We’ve only met a few days and I was already introduced! 

What we have is uncertain yet. With all the love I have, I hope I won’t jump into conclusions first but enjoy this single life has to bring.I am regaining the connection I lost with my dearest friends while I was so inlove with you.

Thank you for forgetting me that led me to leave us. Thank you for all the pain – it made me be free from lies and heart aches. Thank you.

I’ll still miss you one of these days, maybe. I’ll continue to put checks on my or our bucketlists but this time, without you around. 

Till then, melon shake. Know that I am happy now even if your with someone else now. I am happy that she makes you happier than I did. 

No regrets.